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Low/No Cost Counselling

If this is an emergency or you are needing immediate support please call 911, go to your nearest hospital emergency center, or call one of the emergency community support services listed below:

* Distress Line in Edmonton - (780) 482-4357 (HELP)
* Distress Line in Calgary – (403) 266-4357 (HELP)
* Access 24/7 - (780) 424-2424

The Family Centre offers counselling, classes, and therapy groups in Edmonton.



Africa Centre is pleased to partner with Alberta Black Therapists Network (ABTN) to bring free counselling from various licensed therapists. These services provide formal, one-hour, one-to-one counselling sessions in the form of short-term intervention utilizing solution-focused therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. Sessions are available online or in-person.


We offer virtual and in-person counselling sessions by appointment only. We specialize in providing Solution Focused Therapy to those who are in need of affordable and convenient mental counselling. 

The cost of counselling is determined by our sliding fee scale, ranging from $40-$200 per session, determined by your total monthly household income.

Our drop-in support groups and workshops are no cost to participants, courtesy of our funders and sponsors.


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